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NLB payment gateway

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WooCommerce plugin payment gateway

A recent client of ours was having some issues with the payment gateway of our local NLB bank. In less than five hours, we designed and built a specified plugin to solve their WooCommerce problem.

We were so happy with the new plugin that we decided to offer it to other companies so they could benefit from our breakthrough. Now a whole host of websites have been able to streamline their payment process, thanks to WebPigment.

Our work with the plugin doesn’t stop there, though. We are constantly updating and improving our services, based on feedback from new installation users. Every day, we work closely with businesses to help solve their conundrums.

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To date, our NLB payment gateway has been used by 50+ companies, which is a significant number for a country the size of Macedonia.

Feel free to check out the plugin and its reviews here.