Recap of WordCamp Nis

WordCamp Nis 2019

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WordCamps are the best, especially when hosted by friends and shared with an exceptional community.

It was an honor to be part of the first WordCamp Nis. Our team members had a wonderful time at the conference day as well as the contributors day. Mitko was one of the speakers, and he had great feedback.

Nis is the third largest city in Serbia, situated in the heart of the Balkans Peninsula. It’s undeniably historically significant, as it is a great city to learn about Serbia’s history, being the home base to some of the country best ancient ruins.

But its modern vibe is what made this conference unique.

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This is the highlight of all speakers and subjects of talks

Mitko Kochkovski: Building websites using React.js and WordPress API

Mitko spoke to us about how you can leverage WordPress REST API to build awesome websites. React.js are a vital tool for rendering the frontend outside of WordPress Theme implementation. Using the processor class inside the React.js will help handle all the layouts your website might need.

Aleksandar Savković: The Uncomfortable Truth

This talk was all about inclusivity. WordPress is for everyone and nobody should feel excluded because of their race, gender, sexual orientation or anything else. We need a constant understanding of how our community can make marginalised groups feel not just safe, but welcome in all environments.

Igor Hrček: How to survive a catastrophe?

Igor told us the story of how he and his dev team inherited a nightmare and turned it into a dream. He was lumped with a completely dysfunctional pile of code three years back but managed to take it apart and rebuild it into a successful enterprise.

Francesco Carlucci: Security by Design in WordPress

Security is such an important aspect of WordPress and the responsibility cannot lie with developers alone. Strong security requires a shared responsibility model that includes hosting, themes/plugin developers and site administrator. Francesco gave a talk on the “Security by Design” and helped us tighten the security of your sites and minimise the risk of hacking.

Dian Tankov: A WordPress Power User – Contribution and Growth

Dian is almost a decade into her WordPress career. We all know how vital the WordPress community is to its success and Dian is going to explore the ways we can give back to the community. The lecture covered topics such as how to grow as a power user, how the WordPress community can help us through difficult times and how working with the community can really boost morale.

Mišel Tekinder: Performance profiling with Webpage Test

Due to its accessibility and stripped back interface, WordPress is one of the most popular systems around. It’s so simple to set up that sometimes we overlook things and trigger some performance issues. This presentation taught us how to test our WordPress website, pinpoint issues and resolve any problems.

Nemanja Cimbaljević: Docker, from the beginning to the first pair of containers

In this short lecture, Nemanja will spoke of the differences between the dock and the virtual machine and what is needed to start using the doc. He will also talk about how the dock can not only improve the day-to-day work of the developer, but also speed up the time for the implementation of changes. The lecture was both theoretical and practical, through the console code itself. We learned how to:

  • start a doc
  • download a “picture” of a container
  • pick up the first container
  • set up a WordPress container
  • shorten the whole process using the docker-composer

Vladimir Ranđelović: Communication with users, does it have to be difficult?

Communication is so important. This lecture explored all the ways we can keep connected to the client and ensure a satisfying experience. Vladimir demonstrated real examples, using the past experiences to help us improve our own communication skills.

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Nemanja Aleksić: Survival Guide for Introverts

The world is full of loud people and sometimes it can seem like they are the only ones who are heard. Being an introvert can be tough, but it doesn’t mean you have to be stifled. This talker discussed what it means to be an introvert and how one can capitalize on this personality trait to become more productive and happier.

Miloš Petrović: WordPress and Dropshipping service

Nine years ago, Miloš launched the website on the WordPress platform. This talk outlined his journey from conception to now – with all the changes in business models, advertising techniques and code corrections in between.

Milan Petrović: WordPress and CSP – Content Security Policy

Correctly set, CSP protects users and data from XSS (cross-site scripting) types of attacks and data modification that are presented to the user. The CSP specification includes reports that search engines generate and which contain information on CSP offenses.

The lecture described the basics of CSP. Milan covered:

  • correctly adjusting rules that the CSP can contain
  • specificity with a special emphasis on constraints (especially for JavaScript that is part of HTML content)
  • a variety of implementation approaches

In addition, time was dedicated to additional HTTP headers related to security.

For this lecture, Milan created a free (GPL) plugin.  The plugin allows the setting up of CSPs as well as several other security-centric HTTP headers.

Aleksandar Pasku: Storytelling – Fool’s gold or the art of communication

Aleksandar learned to speak before he could walk and ever since has been perfecting the art of communication at all levels (the paranormal methods still being only a hobby). For the past two decades, he has been dealing with consumer hypnosis for marketing purposes, half of that time as a hired pen/brush/mouse. He develops brands with a lot of love and decisively avoids political marketing. He is an entrepreneur, co-host of the Vrsac WP Meetups, local community motivator and organiser of the notorious meetup after parties. A very interesting character with a story or two to tell! Every business has a story to tell. To succeed, a company must really sell their idea – their story. This lecture focused on the different ways a brand can tell a story – from banners to branding. It’s a creative art that must be projected visually in a compelling way. We have to capture the end-user so that they believe in the brand and support it. Time to sharpen those SEO skills!

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Bojan Krstić: What follows after creating the Woocommerce site

In 2011, Bojan set up his first WordPress site, and then soon after his first internet store in WooCommerce. Setting up an online store is the first step in a perpetual journey. Bojan is going to guide you through the steps of maintaining a Woocommerce site, telling stories of eCommerce sites UX, Content, Legal, SEO and Digital Marketing. The lecture was centered around the business side of things: marketing, eCommerce, and SEO.

Slobodan Mirić: How to quickly enter the IT industry – using WordPress

This was a story of a man who made a snap decision to enter the IT industry. It is possible to jump in at the deep end, but that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Whether a freelancer, company employee or currently engaged in dropshipping, WordPress could be the tool to turn your life around and facilitate your dream career.

Stefan Sovrlić: Increase the revenue of WordPress sites by optimizing the conversion rate

This lecture introduced the conversion story and helped participants opitmise their WordPress site. Using techniques learned here is guaranteed to improve your business or the business of your clients

Predrag Grbatinić: Inspiring success stories

We all love a success story. For the final talk, we all gathered round and heard how Pedrag went from struggling student of the Technical University in Novi Sad to Managed Services WordPress whizz. Inspiring!

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The conference had a busy agenda with two tracks of talks and great speakers.

Many more to come!