The fruits of our labor

The fruits of our labor

using React.js and WordPress

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Our brand new website is live! It’s taken a lot of hard work, but we are excited to unveil the end result of years of hard work and planning.

Since we are a development agency, it’s fair to say that our website should be different than other websites that exist. In order to do so, we wanted to show that the speed matters.

As we all know React is becoming part of WordPress we decided to build a website that will run on React and since we are a WordPress agency, we choose to use the WordPress API to get the content of it.

We mastered the use of react.js and can now confidently use them in the making of our clients’ websites.

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It was a struggle at times – many late nights and long weekends. We were unwavering in our ambition, however.

After a year of constant hard work, our website was complete.

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Upon completing the website, there were many painstaking hours of ironing out the kinks and streamlining the coding.

We opted to get CDN enabled so our services could be brought to a worldwide audience.

It is our pleasure to present to you We look forward to being part of your success story.