We Can’t Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone!

We Can't Help Everyone, But Everyone Can Help Someone!

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A few months ago, when the economic consequences of Covid-19 started to apply to our reality, like lockdown, closing stores, and rise in unemployment, our founder came with an idea to help those who needed the most by giving what we are best at.

The isolation of more and more people at home has resulted in empty shopping malls around the world. With this unprecedented pandemic, many small businesses were suffering from the loss of customers.

We have all witnessed a global shift in consumer habits of online grocery shopping. Despite these uncertain times, this was also an opportunity for businesses to use their time and learn how to establish an Internet presence.

The main motive behind the idea was to do our part in retaining jobs and supporting small and medium-sized businesses in these times when they are most affected.

We’ve published a Public call for free development of 5 eCommerce websites with some requirements that applicants must meet to make sure we are helping in the right place. The whole team gladly reviewed the applications and selected these businesses:

  • https://www.drgoodnight.mk

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I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the WEBPIGMENT team who created our website with an online store and thanks to them we continued to work online during the whole crisis related to Covid 19. Due to the crisis, unfortunately we were temporarily forced to close our offices and our work had to be transferred online, even though we were not ready for it. WEBPIGMENT were the only company that selflessly and humanely offered to help us and several other companies, to create a free website so that they could continue to work smoothly, and overcome the crisis more easily. We were lucky that our company was one of the chosen ones, we got a dream website, we continued to work, we kept the number of employees, and we made many families happy. All this, thanks to WEBPIGMENT.
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We want to say thanks to WEBPIGMENT for the selfless and professional support in the promotion and affirmation of the Macedonian brand VEGA, and development of the official website for www.elival.mk.
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A short summary of the development process.

First, we want to thank our clients for their seamless cooperation. Everyone knew exactly what they wanted, and that made the process even easier.

For creating the websites we were using the Elementor page builder. We choose Elementor because that is the best website builder plugin. A simple and flexible platform that allows you to build beautiful pages without restrictions.

We have successfully replicated the physical identity of the companies on their new websites.
Мost companies have given full confidence to our designers for creating the style and web design, and some prepared their own designs that we gladly implemented.

All websites have integrated Payment Gateway that transformed them into a fully eCommerce website.

Custom plugins have been created to meet their specific needs, and all websites are using our product Express Checkout. Express Checkout is a WooCommerce plugin that creates a smooth checkout experience for your shoppers and boosts checkout conversion.

We are so happy that now our chosen clients can offer all of their products and services online to their customers.

After building, creating, designing, implementing, and testing all the things perfectly, we’ve prepared a short presentation on how to use the website, how to add new products or services and maintain their blog.

We are proud that we were able to help! We wish everyone successful work, many online orders, and satisfied customers.