George H.

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Scope of work

The tourism industry is one of the most competitive in the world. It was a joy to take on the challenge of making this site stand out and maintain a loyal client base. We set out to showcase all the vacation package options and make vacation customization a synch. Organizing a trip can be stressful but with the website we created, the process of booking is actually fun. Time to get excited!

George H.

WooCommerece Product Page Customisations
WebPigment was prompt and professional. They did a good job and I trust their work.

We implemented a simple customization tool that allowed the user to tailor their holiday based on:

  • Hotel
  • Room size
  • Number of persons

This model allowed us to showcase bespoke vacation packages suitable for each individual customer. By giving the customer easy-to-use variation options, we made the daunting ordeal of organizing a vacation a walk in the park. We wanted the customer to feel they were booking a truly unique time away and not just that – a vacation perfectly suited to them.

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Great imagery is what captures a traveler’s imagination. We were sure to load the website with bright, breezy photography to inspire browsers with an insatiable wanderlust.

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There is such a huge amount of variation in choice on this website. We wanted to make sure that customers could access the site’s great offers and use the features to their full potential.

This project was a fantastic challenge for our team and a welcome opportunity to showcase our WooCommerce Deposits plugin. Smiles all round.