IoT in a Box

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Scope of work

We had a clear goal: increase sales. To do this, we streamlined the whole payment process to make purchasing simple for the customer.

IoT in a Box

Simplify checkout process
WebPigment has been very communicative and attentive to our requests. They completed the work successfully.

We coded a function to verify whether customers have an active subscription or if they have a subscription waiting to be processed. That way we avoid redirecting customers to the plans page and we take them directly to the checkout phase.

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To increase ease-of-use even further, we added an admin option so customers can easily control the price range slider on the plans page.

The WebPigment team really outdid themselves here. Not only did our experts smoothly refine the checkout process, they also implemented a shipping management company with multivendor options. This helped with the printing of invoices and Salesforce integration. Always going above and beyond the call of duty!