Can Ecommerce Carry the Retail Industry During Coronavirus?

Can Ecommerce Carry the Retail Industry During Coronavirus?

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Businessеs are changing during coronavirus, and this is our point of view.
There is SO MUCH positive energy, enthusiasm, and determination around from businesses at the moment… It is fantastic!

We know COVID-19 is a source of concern for many people right now. We are here to help your business get through this challenging time – in whatever way we can.

Coronavirus forces digital transformation in the business world. And that is a fact!
Change is happening at the same time in consumer habits and in companies.

Consumers behavior during coronavirus

How they adapted to the crisis?
Our research has shown that many people have started to look for alternative channels very quickly. Shopping in the malls and markets has been replaced by online grocery shopping.

Consumer habits have changed locally and globally. Circumstances have simply forced people to search for all the essential products and assets online, in order to maintain social distance. Although we knew they all already existed online, we were not used to buying them that way.

And that’s great.

Companies behavior during coronavirus

How they respond in these moments of crisis?

Undoubtedly, everyone undergoes these changes as eighter positive or negative. Or both. Depending on the industry in which one operates, there is a growing interest in products or services, while others face a drastic reduction in their income.

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Should you be shopping online in a time of Coronavirus?

From a personal safety perspective, we all ask this question. And there are facts claiming you are not putting yourself in danger by ordering and accepting packages. The virus is very unlikely to survive through the process of transit.

What we can conclude from this past period of our personal experience with clients is that companies are quickly adapting to the new circumstances. Our demand to transform websites or create new ones into an online store confirms this.

eCommerce won’t save all retailers from the coronavirus but most of them can adapt easily.


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Our team has hands full of work in WooCommerce development and custom plugin development for payments getaway.
WooCommerce is not the only one, but it is certainly our favorite plugin for adding eCommerce functionality to your website. Just to clear the picture what we can do for your needs with WooCommerce development: develop product pages, implement secure payments, cart and checkout, automated tax calculations, shipping options, and label printing, integration with Google Analytics, MailChimp, Facebook, etc.

Do not lag behind the changes.

Both locally and globally, there has already been an increase in online commerce in almost all industries. Here are some examples for inspiration and encouragement: local groceries offer home delivery online, restaurants, boutiques, free online consultation services for healthcare and many more.
A way can always be found if one desires. If someone shopped your services or products in-store, they will probably like them online. The pleasure and support will be mutual with your customers.

With our support, you can adjust to these changes in a matter of hours or days.
Most of our plugins are free for use and can be downloaded here:


With ethics in mind, we want to encourage all small and medium-sized businesses to follow the trend of finding new sales channels. They will not only provide their business with income but also provide direct support to consumers who stay home while respecting the measures of distancing.

Shop online, stay home and be safe!

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